Lies and broken promises leave the worst scars The damage is irreparable Burned That is the perfect description The skin becomes thicker What was painful becomes comforting What was comforting causes distress Everything changes The scars are not external but they never shed You’re different You will never be the same again


Compassion and empathy are different than self-sacrifice. Being compassionate, empathetic, and helping others is generally viewed as “the right thing” to do. That said, our need to do right by others is often not a result of our desire to do “right,” but our desire to not feel bad about ourselves or to avoid criticism… Continue reading “Right”


Emptiness is the worst villain of all It has a way of making the sane feel mad and crippling the strong It sucks self worth like a vampire Yet, emptiness does not actually exist It is simply a void How does one fight an invisible opponent?