Meant to Be

It wasn’t just physicalWe had it allIntimacyCompassionAppreciationUnderstandingIntellectEverythingWe loved in a way most people cannot understandOur love was realBoldSensualForbiddenRawMisunderstoodUnwaveringWhy did you give upWe could have made it I will never understand how or why things ended the way they did. Nothing will lead me to believe you will ever stop loving me, just as I will… Continue reading Meant to Be


Compassion and empathy are different than self-sacrifice. Being compassionate, empathetic, and helping others is generally viewed as “the right thing” to do. That said, our need to do right by others is often not a result of our desire to do “right,” but our desire to not feel bad about ourselves or to avoid criticism… Continue reading “Right”