Like writings from a pencil that have been erased… Subtle remnants exist beneath the surface. Invisible to most; but a constant reminder to those who know what’s there


They say nice guys finish last. They’re right. It is still better to be nice. Who cares where you finish? Be a good human. You will not regret it.


Lies and broken promises leave the worst scars The damage is irreparable Burned That is the perfect description The skin becomes thicker What was painful becomes comforting What was comforting causes distress Everything changes The scars are not external but they never shed You’re different You will never be the same again


I fought for you I was patient with you I loved you unconditionally I would have given you everything Today I awoke from that nightmare I am alive I am not fighting I am no longer in your shadow I am finally free from your lies It’s over It’s time to move on


How do you stop loving someone? Should you? If so, when is it ok? Love is unconditional, right? If you truly love someone, is it possible to stop? Love sucks!

Meant to Be

It wasn’t just physicalWe had it allIntimacyCompassionAppreciationUnderstandingIntellectEverythingWe loved in a way most people cannot understandOur love was realBoldSensualForbiddenRawMisunderstoodUnwaveringWhy did you give upWe could have made it I will never understand how or why things ended the way they did. Nothing will lead me to believe you will ever stop loving me, just as I will… Continue reading Meant to Be


Death becomes her It simply does