Compassion and empathy are different than self-sacrifice. Being compassionate, empathetic, and helping others is generally viewed as “the right thing” to do.

That said, our need to do right by others is often not a result of our desire to do “right,” but our desire to not feel bad about ourselves or to avoid criticism from others. This often leads to self-sacrifice.

Is doing “right” by someone based on a sense of obligation or to avoid our negative emotions really “right”?

It is easy to justify self-sacrifice as a way to be a “good” person. However, when we sacrifice ourselves in an attempt to avoid feeling bad about our actions or feelings, is that not wrong? Is that not selfish? Are we wronging the person we are attempting to do “right” by because our motives are self-serving?

When do compassion and empathy become self-sacrifice?

Is there a distinction?

Regardless of the promises, are anyone’s needs less important than another’s? Does it make you a “good” person simply because you stayed in your misery?

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